Journal on Defence & Policy Analysis

The Faculty of Defence & Strategic Studies (FDSS) launched the Journal of Defence & Policy Analysis (JDPA) in 2021. It is a bi-annual, refereed research periodical that pursues to inspire further research on the core issues of defence and strategic studies, provides up-to-date perspectives, and serves as a platform for sharing research findings and opinions of scholars, policy makers and researchers working on defence and strategic studies-related themes. 

The Journal comprises a mix of research articles, essays, topical commentaries, opinion pieces and book reviews. Each issue includes articles on diverse themes of relevance to national security and international security, including emerging security threats and scenarios; civil-military relations; higher defence planning according to threat perception; and other related issues in the area of defence and national security. The Journal would also focus on issues concerning defence policy, reforms in defence sector, and defence economics. 

Therefore, the Journal on Defence Policy and Analysis will add value to the existing publications of the Faculty of Defence and Strategic Studies.

Call for Papers

Submission deadlines: 30th April 2023