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Organizational Structure of the Faculty

The faculty is structured with the following sections.

Faculty Headquarters

The main element of the Faculty is the Faculty Headquarters and it is responsible to provide basic Military Education and Training both in the class room and in the field for Officer Cadets. The military training is designed and planned to educate, train and inspire selected young men and women for an exemplary service as Commissioned Officers of the tri-services. In addition to that, the faculty undertakes the administration and responsibility of educating to develop leadership qualities, teamwork and positive thinking through theoretical and practical training Day Scholars both local and international. The appointments and the current appointment holders of the Faculty are as follows.

Dean – FDSS                 –            Colonel HMGE Herath RSP USP psc

Deputy Dean                  –            FDSS – Lt. Col TBMR Kandekumbura RSP USP

Staff Officer II                –            Major DJP Dikkumbura RSP USP

Staff Officer III               –            Major KML Gunasekara

Wing Sergeant Major    –            WO I HN Samantha USP

Clerk G/D                        –            WOII Nisantha Kumara JKD

Cadet Squadrons 

There are four Cadet Squadrons and each Squadron is responsible for one particular Intake of Officer Cadets a Squadron consists of 2, 3 or more Troops and commanded by a Major (Army) or an equal rank (Lieutenant Commander or Squadron Leader). Troops are commanded by a Captain (Army) or an equal rank (Lieutenant or Flight Lieutenant).

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