Gemunu Squadron has got its name after the heroic King Dutugamunu who ruled Sri Lanka from 161 BC to 137 BC. He became an icon of sinhala nationalism after defeating Chola King Elara and making the country united for the first time in the history.
Gajaba Squadron recieved its name after a patriotic king who ruled Sri Lanka from 114 BC to 136 BC. He invaded the Chola Kingdom and liberated 12000 Sinhalese prisoners seized in his father’s regin along with another 12000 Chola as compensation.
Perakum Squadron has gained its name after Parakramabahu the Great who is considered as one of the greatest monarchs in Sri Lanka. He united the country under his rule and introduced a massive irrigation system to the country.
Vijayaba Squadron has got its name after King Vijayaba who ruled the country for 55 years. He fought a war against Sollee and recapture Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa and made Sri Lanka independent.
Mahasen Squadron has been named after King Mahasen who ruled the country from 277 to 304 AD. He is known for his yeomen service to the nation through several massive irrigation projects.