Cadet Government

Leading in simple words in guiding ‘leader’ is mobilizes others towards achieving a goal shared by his or her followers. ‘Leadership’ is the art of getting someone else to do something you want. Leadership is not a one day thing as the qualities of a leader cannot be acquired instantly. It is a constant commitment habit and daily practice. In regard, KDU also selects the best officer cadets out of all officer cadets for the cadet government every year. The selection criteria is based on the performances in academic studies, military studies, extra-curricular activities and good conduct. The cadet government is appointed with a view to inspiring officer cadets to shoulder responsibilities to enhance their leadership qualities. Bearing, discipline and power of command are some of the contributing factors necessary to be an effective member of cadet government.
All the activities of the cadet government are conducted according to the standing orders issued by the General Sir John Kotelawala Defence University. Each and every appointment holder has to be familiar with these orders as well as other regulations of KDU.

Due to the newly implemented Faculty concept instead of the Squadron concept, interacting and engaging actively with the respective faculties and the cadet government have been a significant change in this cadet government. The Cadet Government comprise the ranks of University Under Officer (UUO), Deputy University Under Officer (Dy UUO), Faculty Under Officer (FUO), Troop Under Officer (TUO), University Cadet Sergeant Major (UCSM), University Cadet Quarter Master Sergeant (UCQMS), Faculty Sergeant Major (FSM), Faculty Quarter Master Sergeant (FQMS), Cadet Sergeant (C/Sgt), Cadet Corporal (C/Cpl) and Cadet Lance Corporal (C/L/Cpl).

The UUO, Dy UUO, FUO and UCSM are utmostly responsible for maintaining discipline among seniors and junior officer cadets irrespective of their gender and race. The cadet government is responsible for maintain duty registers and supervising the timely attendance of Officer Cadets to the PT sessions, muster parade, recreations and academic studies. 

Appointment holders of Cadet Government should ensure that all the Officer Cadets are at the respective Facilities and classrooms or lecture halls during academic hours and evening study period. Cadet Government appointment holders are persuading to visit Officer Cadets living areas for the purpose of inspection and other official matters.